I was young when i got bit by the entrepreneurial bug

I grew up in southern california in a mountain town surrounded by wealth. My parents did the best they could. We always had food on the table and a house over our heads. I think it all started in 7th grade when my friend came to school with the first gen ipod touch i thought it was the coolest thing ever and had to get one. i was only 13 or 14 and i couldn’t get a job and my parents definitely wouldn’t buy it for me so i started brainstorming. I noticed a lot of kids getting lunch money that they would spend on energy drinks and candy instead. A couple weeks later i was shopping with with my mom in costco for those that dont know this is a place where you buy food items in bulk. I seen some energy drinks i could buy by the case i would get 24 for around 25$. I also seen 30 piece variety packs of skittles and starburst for 10$. I asked my mom if she would buy me these and i would pay her back once i sold them and she happily agreed. So the next day at school i packed as much energy drinks and candy into my backpack  as i could fit. Once i got on the bus and word got around that i was selling candy and energy drinks i was usually sold out before my first class. I got my own ipod touch within a couple weeks and bought it my self. This is where it all started for me please stay tuned for more of my journey.